We’re so glad you’ve taken that first step

Whether you’ve never seen a therapist before or you’re looking for a new approach, we will help you find the therapist and service that’s the right fit for you.

Client & Therapist Fit

At RPC, the fit between client and therapist is central to our practice. This relationship is called the therapeutic alliance, and research shows that it is an important predictor of treatment success. Therapy is a deeply personal process and looks different for everyone. We want your or your child to connect comfortably with one of our therapists, and for that therapist to have the ideal background, experience, and personality to maximally benefit you and your family.

Matching you with a therapist at RPC begins with speaking to our Clinical Care Consultant, Dr. Kim. As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kim has specific training in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, and knows the individual specialties and personalities of each of our clinicians.

Step 1: First Contact

Aleks, Client Relations Coordinator


416-531-5152 ext. 200

I will be the first person that you speak with when you call RPC. Our call will be your chance to find out anything you want to know about getting started with us, so please feel free to ask me any questions. I will book your phone appointment with Dr. Kim, our Clinical Care Consultant, who will then match you with a team member. I look forward to connecting with you!

Step 2: Intake Assessment

Dr. Kim, Clinical Care Consultant

Connecting you with the right clinician is important to us at RPC. As a Clinical Psychologist, I know how important the relationship between a client and therapist is for the success of treatment. What therapy looks like for each person is unique. It is important that you are matched with a clinician that you connect with, and who has the experience to help you or your child with the struggles you’ve come to us with. I look forward to speaking with you to customize our services to your needs!