Raise healthier, happier, more successful children

Whether your child is facing challenges (academic issues, social problems, anxiety, depression, drug use) or you feel like you’re just not communicating like you used to, therapy can help your child cope – and help you rebuild your bonds as a family.


Child Psychologists help children and teens process their thoughts and emotions. Therapy helps them understand themselves and others more clearly, and empowers them to be comfortable with who they are.

Our Child Psychologists can also help you communicate and interact better as a family, learn how to set and enforce limits, and help your child be more confident and make better decisions.


If your child is having problems at school, a psychoeducational assessment will determine your child’s learning needs by looking at cognitive, learning, social and emotional strengths and challenges.

If there is a question about an Autism Spectrum Disorder, a developmental assessment will examine learning, language, behavioural, emotional and social development.