• Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Life Transitions

    Working with Emotions




When problems overwhelm us, we can feel at the mercy of our circumstances. It might feel that life is pushing us in a direction we don’t like, or that we are a prisoner to our own patterns of thinking, emotions or behaviours.

Therapy provides a space to slow down and reflect – gaining deeper understanding and awareness of the forces that shape our lives; allowing us to recognize what is meaningful and valuable to us and how we can take advantage of our strengths and abilities to move our lives towards something meaningful.

In therapy, I seek to provide a warm, accepting and safe place for you to face challenges and undergo the difficult work of growing and taking ownership of your life. I recognize that each client brings unique needs, expectations and experiences to therapy. My goal is to collaborate with you to set personally meaningful goals, uncover strengths and face challenges together.


B.A. Honours Psychology

M.A. Psychology

Ph.D. Psychology (in progress)