• Complex Trauma/Trauma Focused Therapy

  • Anxiety and Related Concerns

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Relationship and Interpersonal Difficulties

    Postpartum Adjustment and Challenges



In our daily lives it can be difficult to hold onto a sense of connection with ourselves: busy schedules, fluctuating emotions, relationships and responsibilities can all push and pull at us so that we are left feeling overwhelmed, confused, or disconnected. This can contribute to a general sense of stress/distress as well as specific psychological concerns.

Therapy can be a space to press pause and learn more about where we are at. My hope is to work together to explore where you currently find yourself, and to support you to arrive at a place of new understanding and direction. Often, being in the presence of someone who listens and responds attentively, non-judgmentally, and compassionately can give us the comfort and permission to see ourselves more clearly and move toward the changes we’d like to make. It can help us make connections and better understand our symptoms, reactions, emotions, and behaviour. During transitions–unexpected or planned–therapy provides an opportunity to find a renewed sense of self when we can easily feel lost.

I am interested in how our experiences from the past–traumatic as well as protective–affect our lives and relationships in the present. My approach to therapy is multidimensional: I acknowledge that all parts of human experience such as our unique psychology, sense of social connection/disconnection, physical health, and belief systems contribute to our wellbeing. I take an inclusive and respectful approach, which is person-centred and trauma-sensitive.


M.A. Psychology

Ph.D. Psychology (in progress)


Integrated Day Treatment Program, Women’s Trauma Service

Trauma Therapy Program