• Attachment and Parent-Child Relationships

  • Childhood Stress & Trauma

  • Learning Difficulties and ADHD

  • Babies & Toddlers

  • Reflective/Mindful Parenting


Clinical Psychologist (Supervised Practice)

I am passionate about empowering and transforming families by promoting agency, increasing capacity, and strengthening relationships to achieve effective and sustainable therapeutic outcomes for themselves. At RPC, I provide evidence-based and integrative therapy/treatment to young children (ages 0 to 10) and their parents/caregivers. I take a strengths-based and client-centred approach to helping parents and caregivers support their child’s social and emotional development and functioning. My work with parents involves offering tools and strategies as well as facilitating reflection about their child’s needs and their parenting experience.


B.A., Psychology

M.A., School Psychology

Ph.D., School and Applied Child Psychology

Pre-Doctoral Residency, Toronto Area Residency Consortium