• Trauma Focused Therapy

  • Emotion Coaching

  • Building Stronger Relationships

  • Fostering Happiness

  • Struggles with anxiety, and depression

  • Emotion Focused Therapy for Individuals and Couples

  • Psychodynamic Therapy

Dr. Jane Dalton

Clinical Director

As the Founder and Clinical Director of RPC, my vision is to offer clients of our clinic the possibility that their struggles can be the start of a different story through warm, professional care. I oversee all aspects of the clinic to ensure the highest standards for you and your family, and have personally selected each member of our team of skilled clinicians.

It is important to me that the guiding principles we promote in clinical practice, THRIVE, also apply to our team. Our motto at RPC is “Team care is client care”, as supporting each other as colleagues makes it possible for all of us to do our best work. Ongoing professional development and team meetings promote shared knowledge, continuous learning, and clinician well-being.

My team and I look forward to working with you and your family, and helping you THRIVE!



B.A. Honours Psychology

M.A. Clinical Psychology

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology


Pre-Doctoral Internship


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Trauma Therapy Program