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Dr. Jane Dalton

Clinical Director

As a therapist, I want you to THRIVE.

People often start therapy because they feel they’re not living their best lives. Being overwhelmed by present circumstances or emotions, caught in destructive behaviors or relationship patterns, or troubled by unresolved issues from the past, are all common reasons people seek therapy. These are painful places to be. From these difficult beginnings, therapy can restore a person’s innate capacity for growth and change. My role is to be deeply present, and to understand your patterns of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. You know your own experiences, history, and what goals matter most to you. Together, we will process and transform the challenges that brought you into therapy, so you can move towards well-being and a fulfilling life. Working together, we will create lasting change.

My therapy style is warm and collaborative. From a place of curiosity and compassion, I will help you to better understand your emotions and use them to be more self-accepting. When emotions become manageable, their natural ability to connect us with our needs is restored. From a relational perspective, I will support you to explore how past relationships and childhood experiences may have impacted your life, and support you to create new and fulfilling ways of relating to others. I can assist you and your partner to express yourselves in ways that prevent conflict and distress, and deepen intimacy and relationship satisfaction. These processes all increase self-awareness, flexibility, and strength for dealing with future challenges. From isolation and adversity to reconnection and resilience, therapy can help you THRIVE.



B.A. Honours Psychology

M.A. Clinical Psychology

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology


Pre-Doctoral Internship


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Trauma Therapy Program