• Childhood

  • Anxiety

  • Learning

  • Self-Regulation and Behaviour

  • Brain Injury

Dr. Sara Stevens

Clinical Neuropsychologist

My approach to helping children begins with building a warm and trusting relationship. Every child is unique so I tailor my practice to each child by factoring their family, their friends, and their school. My clients value this child and family-centered approach which places their needs at the core of my services.

As a clinical neuropsychologist, I understand how behaviour and learning are influenced by the developing brain. In my career I have focused on helping children with Anxiety, Brain Injury, Learning, Self-Regulation, and Behaviour. I believe that with the right assessments, therapies and tools, children can achieve their full potential. I also support parents to help them bring out the best in their children and themselves.


B.A. Honours Psychology, Specialized in Neuroscience and Behaviour

M.A. Psychology

Ph.D. Psychology (Clinical Extension) at the Hospital for Sick Children
Program in Neuroscience

Post Doctoral Fellowship (Clinical and Research)

Opportunities for Understanding Childhood Hurt (OUCH) Lab