Areas of Focus

  • Meaning, Purpose & Values

  • Traumatic Life Events

  • Anxiety

  • Relationships

  • Bullying

  • Emotional Expression

Ian McMillan, MPS

Clinician, RP (Qualifying)

I am a therapist because I believe that people deserve to have a witness in a world that doesn’t give us many opportunities to be truly ourselves. The rooms in our minds are vast and maze-like, and I believe we navigate them best when we have a travel companion. Yet it’s unfortunately rare for the people in our lives to have the time to sit down and talk about what matters to us — who we are, what we feel, and what we want.

Together, we can explore the past, present, and/or future — and decide where best you think the work can be done. I bring a humanistic and relational focus to psychotherapy — I place you and your needs at the centre while we explore how everything in your life contributes to the person that you are and the life you are living. I believe therapy involves helping you find more self-awareness and self-respect, allowing you to find personal agency, freedom, and meaning. I integrate Psychodynamic, Emotionally Focused, and Sensorimotor approaches — among others — to help you make the unconscious conscious and build a life of greater connection, confidence, and hope.


B.A. Psychology (Honours)