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    Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

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Josh Campitelli

Clinician, RP (Qualifying)

I believe that every client is unique and my approach to therapy reflects that. I seek to really get to know the person who sits in front of me and collaborate with you every step of the way as we develop the therapy that works best for you. I strongly believe that we all have the strength and capacity to lead fulfilling lives, regardless of whether we feel we may have gotten lost along the way. As a therapist, I only hope to join you on your unique therapeutic journey as a guide and a fellow traveller, and to provide a safe space to rediscover your strengths and reach your goals.

I have worked in multiple private practice settings, providing therapy to a wide range of clients and I take an integrative approach, drawing on various client-centred, acceptance-based, and cognitive-behavioural therapies to encourage insight, personal growth, and self-acceptance among other things.


B.B.A. (Honours with Distinction)