• Complex Trauma

  • Painful Emotions

  • Attachment

  • Growth

  • Depression & Anxiety

Kathryn Pierce, M.A.


My goal is to build a safe, nurturing, and non-judgmental relationship with you, in which we can explore your concerns, make meaning of your experiences, and create lasting change.

I will tailor my approach to your unique history, struggles and needs. I am attuned to how past experiences can shape our lives in the present. My knowledge of psychological development across the life span informs my therapeutic stance. I integrate principles from many types of therapy. I draw on attachment-based, client-centered, and cognitive behavioural approaches, incorporating elements of emotion-focused and dialectical behaviour therapy. I have experience helping clients cope with anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, painful emotions, and childhood trauma. My work is focused on building resilience and fostering growth.

I feel honoured to walk alongside my clients through their personal struggles and triumphs. I look forward to working together!


B.A. Honours Specialization in Psychology

M.A. Clinical Developmental Psychology

Ph.D. Clinical Developmental Psychology (In Progress)