• Emotion Focused Couple Therapy

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Trauma-informed Therapy

  • Attachment-based Therapy

  • Psycho-dynamically-informed Therapy


Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Do you feel stuck? Are recurring conflicts and stressful moments in your relationships leaving you feeling uncertain and isolated? Are there moments when you feel lost in the sweep of life’s busyness, unexpected events, or wondering about opportunities not taken? Is grief or the prospect of a pending life transition weighing heavily upon you? I work with individuals and couples to navigate these deeply human and preoccupying moments.

In the busyness of daily life, juggling many roles and responsibilities, feeding, nurturing and taking the time to help a relationship develop and flourish sometimes feels overwhelming. The quality and depth of relationships in our lives shapes so much of our experience – they ground and support us, as well as give us the confidence to express and grow into our truest selves and fullest potential. When we feel out of sync, when bonds of trust have been broken, when we want to engage a deeper re-commitment or determine if it is time to part ways, it’s helpful to have a caring, skillful therapist to walk alongside you.

I will help you to explore and deepen the relationships in your life: to reflect, build and grow. I aim to help you attend to both the ‘me’ and the ‘we’, and to help you past unhelpful repeating cycles and difficult moments that can leave any one of us feeling stuck. I will to help you answer lingering questions you may be carrying, and build towards a greater harmony and sense of integration in your life.

Relationships frame so much of our experience – the ones we live in every day, the ones we carry inside us as we think of important people in our lives, and the relationship we with have with ourselves. I work with this context in mind, to help both individuals and couples.

My approach is warm, gentle, encouraging and collaborative. I’m interested in how we understand and use emotion to discover both what you value, and also to move towards your desired future state – to adapt and grow. I have over twenty years’ experience helping clients through difficult times in their lives: to appreciate their strengths, build their resilience and make sense of their experiences. I’m interested in story, metaphor, imagery and culture in the therapeutic process.


Bachelor of Science

Master of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work